About Us
We are
the Studio KCT

the freelance photographers who visualize and click with heart blistering sound of the shutters.

We believe in having good time while doing what we love and we do love what do.

Like all the journeys, it began with a single step on December 2012 and now we’re here, an aspiring team with a full fledged

and a first of its kind, a student start up. We like to soar higher, so on a serious note, the photography is now a pursuit.

our works
Our Services
We think that the best way to find ourselves is in the service of our clients. Our photography services are specialized with unique style in capturing the precious life movements. We assure that our photos will take you back to remember the sweet memories of life.
Wedding and Event
Make your wedding memories extra special by opting us. Capture every precious movement of your life such as festivals, galas, debutante balls, corporate events and much more. Our candid photography shots amaze with the real feel of the festival.
Product Photography
Enhance the value of your products by showcasing its high-quality images. Our crystal clear shots exhibit the product originality without any flaws and attract the customers.
Baby shoot
Capturing a “picture perfect moment” is the fascinating one when it comes to a newborn. Behind every pose of a new baby, there comes a surplus of outtakes from crying to a smile. Our shots show the reality of welcoming the baby.
Find unique engraved, customized gifts for all occasions to your dear ones. Order personalized custom photo gifts with your custom photo quote for presenting to your favorite people.
Customers about us
Dr. Kumar RS

“Studio KCT is nurturing talents. I am seeing future cinematographers, entrepreneurs, visual enhancers, vfx people. Studio KCT is the foundation for new spirit, New thought and new creativity. Best wishes”.

Prasana Venkatesh R

“During my interaction with them during my workshop
I found the members of Studio KCT to be immensely
talented and enthusiastic to learn new things.I loved
the friendly and helpful nature of the students. Kudos
to the college management for supporting and
nurturing the tremendous creative potential of Studio
KCT .. Best wishes to studio KCT and keep rocking !!

Lokesh Naveen
Manchester Holidays

“A college without photography club is like a photo
frame without a photo!
We initially started this club with just four members.
And now it’s great to see a huge wonderful team
creating beautiful memories!”

Jayakumar Baradwaj
Jayakumar Baradwaj

“I have been interacting with Studio KCT members
since 2014 and i find them one of the most
passionate team i have ever seen. The photographers
at studio KCT are highly motivated. Some of the
members who are professionals now continue work
with the juniors which is truly inspiring. I wish the
entire Studio KCT team for all their future endeavors.”

Sathanand Rangaraj

Being an aspiring cinematographer & Photographer,
Studio Kct was one of the unique, and creative place
in Kct, and a rare phenomenon in Engineering colleges
and Studio Kct is one among the nostalgic
memories Kct has given me .studio Kct is not just a
typical college club, it’s a unique startup where
passionate students doing commerical photography”.

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3rd Floor, Admin Block,
Kumaraguru College of Technology,
Coimbatore – 641049.


Phone: +91 95 00 401704 
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Monday-Friday: 9:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 11:00 – 17:00
Sunday: Closed